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Renew Columbia’s Promise

Columbia residents, businesses, institutions and advocacy groups working together for a more vibrant, inclusive and empowered future.

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The Rouse vision of thriving, multicultural neighborhoods is fading without a convening structure in place that reflects and prioritizes the distinct needs, ambitions and values of Columbia residents and businesses today. As a result, our communities are growing less diverse and more divided, our amenities aren’t meeting our needs and our villages are failing.

The time has come for a return to the vision and ideals that built Columbia, for more accountable systems that shepherd our resources effectively and new leadership that reflects the diversity and values of our residents and businesses.

The significant investments we make in our shared quality of life through annual assessment fees paid to the Columbia Association should be invested in ways that reflect our values, strengthen our communities and serve the greater good. We believe a new approach is necessary to protect our investments, effectively promote our collective success and empower vibrant, diverse and economically robust villages.


On April 24th, your vote in the CA Board elections will decide the path for Columbia’s future.

The Columbia Association is the “keeper of Columbia’s vision,” responsible for driving and sustaining the vibrancy and success of Columbia and its villages. The organization collects CA dues annually from every resident and business to support our quality of life with amenities, programs, services and activities.

Within this context, the Columbia Association holds tremendous power and responsibility for leveraging our significant annual investments to protect and strengthen all of the unique tangible and intangible attributes and values that have traditionally made Columbia a highly desirable place to live and work. 

Each year, villages hold elections to choose who will represent them on the CA Board. A very small number of eligible voters ever participate in this profound opportunity to guide Columbia’s future.

This April 24th, 7 of 10 CA Board seats are up for re-election.

Your vote on April 24th for leadership that understands, reflects and upholds the diversity of our communities will ensure that the Columbia Association is a substantial steward of progress.

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